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Different size two-quarter circles are joined to create this bag. The smaller quarter located at the top, can be folded forward to reduce its size. It has an outside pocket with a zipper in its back.


Average capacity bag, a little dressier but keeping its original and natural look, suitable for all types of people. Its particular volume, a prism whose planes are overlapped at the top with a marked deviation, resulting in two warped side planes and an inclined base, which makes it stand up slightly tilted and unstable as a round-bottomed doll. It...


Special versatility bag, it can be worn as a cross body bag for a casual style, or without a handle, held by the leather ring as a dressier clutch. Its undulating design is transformed into a different bag when folded in half. To wear it folded without a handle, this is removed by unfastening the pins and attaching the ring to the flap at the other end....

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