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Large capacity backpack with smooth and round lines like a shell of a beetle. It has three compartments, and two small outside pockets strapped to the handles. These are hidden under the arms and are practical to carry frequently used things.


Backpack with a slighter less capacity than the "large beetle". It has two compartments and a small outside pocket strapped to the handle to carry frequently used things.


Strange volume asymmetric bag, consisting of two equal and irregular ovals joined by facing different sides or the same one displaced, that adapts anatomically to the body. It is designed to fit on the right side backwards, leaving the zipper pull hidden just below the arm. The zippers curvilinear path enlarges its closure and allows easy visibility of...


Fun cross body bag, or comfortable shoulder bag, results from stylizing the "small ball" model. The lengthy curvilinear path of the zipper allows easy access to its interior. The zipper pull must always be downwards and forwards, (as a shoulder bag) and hidden under the arm (as a cross body bag). It also has an inside pocket hung from a strip.


Large interior capacity, small and alluring bag. It is built from an irregular oval piece that is repeated three times by facing the concavity of its sides. This volume recalls some inorganic elements of nature. The zippers curvilinear path allows for an easy access. It contains a pocket inside secured by a strip from the bags closure. It is placed behind...


Small, alluring and striking like colored candy, which is what it recalls. This bag is the result of an even repetition of its unique piece and the subsequent unmatched union of these. As others of this family, it is placed behind the arm with the zipper pull downwards.


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