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Tall bag with a circular base, whose rising shape transforms it in a 3-point star, with 3 magnetic closures. Auxiliary inside pocket hung by a chain from the top view.

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Year 1996.

Measures: 19cm x 33cm.

Handle 45cm to 62cm.

Cow leather Karabu type.

HistoryNere Denda has perfected its independent designs over the years. After a previous stage of sterner profiles and symmetrical volumes, advances were gradually made in less rigid surfaces. The search was for more curved forms through concave or convex warped surfaces and asymmetric volumes to create a more comfortable and ergonomic bag.
The collectionTorres: Small collection of stylish elongated bags to wear only on the shoulder. Inspired in revolutionary architectural shapes from the nineties, they fit the body anatomically by positioning the arm in front of the bag, thanks to the warping or variations in the concavity of its forms.

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