New product

Lengthy bag formed by a narrower ring, used as a handle, from which an irregular geometric figure resulting from manipulating another thicker one, which makes the container volume, hangs. The
bag is worn on the shoulder behind the arm, leaving the zipper hidden under the armpit. To open it is brought forward by pulling from the vertex of its base so that the zipper is horizontal, allowing it to be opened from side to side. It has four small front pockets.


Year 2001.

Measures: 30x27x34cm.

Handle 50cm.

Cow leather nappa type.

HistoryConcern about the bag’s design as a single piece that integrates all its elements is combined with an interest in the volume design of the bag’s interior. This time the goal is to achieve maximum volume from a properly handled material strap or band, with only two gestures: stretching and folding. The bag is two intertwined straps or bands: one is the handle and the other the container.
The collectionAnillos encadenados: two intertwined leather rings; the first, a narrower one, is the handle. From it hangs a second ring, which has been manipulated by stretching and folding it in half, to then join it by the ends. This second ring is the containing element.

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Handbag made of two previously twisted cones joined at their bases. It has a leather-wrapped ring at one end, where the bag goes through to be held as a purse. To do so, the handle must be fully removed by unfastening the pins and folding the bag in half, holding it back again with the pin.


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