Tall bag with a circular base, whose rising shape transforms it in a 3-point star, with 3 magnetic closures. Auxiliary inside pocket hung by a chain from the top view.


Tall elliptical base bag, which rises, rotates and bends along its central axis. The zipper runs across the bag up and down, following its rotation path.Due to its asymmetric geometry, it is placed differently on each side, backwards on the right side and forwards on left side. To open the bag it is brought forward with the zipper in horizontal, thus...


Two handle briefcase. A more classical model, but with a particular design with four same size English seams, the two top ones opening into to two separate outside pockets closed with flaps. It has a top closure with a zipper.


Good size bag. Its frontal walls have been split in two and overlapped. The sides also split upwards and downwards, have been made by pulling the seam outwards. The front wall contains a vertical buttonhole pocket closed with a flap.


Average capacity bag. The handle also has three positions. It has a single oblique access zipper to the main body, and another inside small pocket, located just above this outside one. The shorter position turns into a handbag and it is achieved by closing the handle zipper around the bag completely. If you detach the handle of the bags upper side, it...

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