Who we are?


Nere Denda is a small family business dedicated to leather goods for three generations.

We specialize in handbags and purses of a groundbreaking and original design, made from leather of the highest quality following the tradition of the trade.


Nere Denda offers a range of accessories for a modern public, regardless of the dictates of fashion and looking for functionality and comfort without sacrificing elegance or allure.

The product Nere Denda, made exclusively in Spain, is characterized by:

  • A wide range of sizes and types of bags: backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags, evening-wear bags...
  • Multifunctionality: the same bag for working, going out, travelling, going with children...
  • Versatile shapes: backpacks that transform into bags, tote bags that become smaller and vice versa...
  • Versatile elements: handles that stretch, multiple pockets and departments...

Nere Denda also has a line designed by Arantxa Olasolo characterized by addressing handbags and other leather goods as objects of design rather than as mere fashion accessories.

From this starting point it explores the relationship between the bag and the user looking for the area and volume which best suits your body as well as the elements that improve its movement and lifestyle.
This line of design is characterized formally by her fascination with geometry and she seeks inspiration in fields as diverse as architecture and origami.


Because we believe in a sustainable not relocated industry, to ensure a fair price and close working relationship between the designer-entrepreneur and craftsman-manufacturer, as well as ensure the survival of an endangered art and a craft.

María y Arantxa Olasolo