Neredenda bags are made of high quality cattle hide, so that the small imperfections that can be seen on their surface, such as small scratches, wounds or grain size differences correspond to the hide’s natural and authentic character.In earlier times these defects were covered by coating the hide in a series of layers losing that made it lose its more pliable and natural appearance.
Nowadays, hide is split into several layers using those that are not top grain (the top and higher quality layer) to be treated with different coatings resulting in an article of dubious quality that is sold as leather.
In our efforts to use the highest quality, natural-looking grain and more sustainable leather (its treatments are not very environmentally friendly) we avoid the use of the types of leathers listed above.
These "defects" are a guarantee of authenticity.
The conservation treatment that we usually recommend is applying a "Nivea body milk" cream on a regular basis for lighter colored leather handbags and less often for darker ones, as well as after getting wet by rain. However it is not recommended for Nubuck or very porous leather.


Cow neck hide tanned in a drum, with a natural finish and full grain.
Cattle hide (scientific name Bos Taurus), does not come from an endangered species or species protected by the Washington Convention. It shows no toxic chemical residue and has not been treated with whale or other cetaceans’ oil.
It also does not contain pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde, chromium VI or azo dyes, which by their dissociation, may release aromatic prohibited anilines..
Full grain cattle hide.
Glossy and smooth finish cattle hide with a vegetable but pliable look.
Vegetable-tanned leather.


We reserve the right to make post-purchase technical or aesthetic improvements that do not involve a change in the bag’s design or presentation.
Since manufacturing is done on commission if the bag is not in permanent stock, the average manufacturing process ranges from a week to ten days.