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Fun cross body bag, or comfortable shoulder bag, results from stylizing the "small ball" model. The lengthy curvilinear path of the zipper allows easy access to its interior. The zipper pull must always be downwards and forwards, (as a shoulder bag) and hidden under the arm (as a cross body bag). It also has an inside pocket hung from a strip.


Folding Möbius band. A zipper runs along the edge of the band, dividing it in turn, into two sections that are two pockets. To make the bag smaller it is folded over its longest section turning it into three pockets. The handle swivel snap joins the middle square ring and the buckle is undone to also attach the other handle carrier that remains behind.


Smaller but good capacity bag thanks to its wide base. Its wide closure allows easy access of the objects inside. It has an inside pocket.


Its four different size triangular pieces have been redrawn once assembled, hiding zippers that access small auxiliary pockets. Despite its apparent smaller size, it has a good capacity. As a shoulder bag, it fits under the left arm with the zipper pull in front. As a cross body bag, it is worn as a messenger bag.


Built from four triangles equal in pairs, but of different size and assembled in a non-alternating way. The seams hide two zippers, one accessing the main body and another an auxiliary pocket. The ring holes allow the handle to be attached in different ways creating different ways of wearing the bag: with a short handle, as a cross body bag, on the...


Average capacity bag that consists of three parts. These are the result of joining and folding a pattern thus creating a right-angled piece. The volume of these pieces is achieved by pleating the vertex with holes. Regarding the top piece, these holes are used to attach the handle when the bag is worn fully extended. A small leather pin near the bottom of...


Great capacity backpack that turns into a cross body bag. It accesses the main bag with a zipper, and another outside auxiliary pocket, fastened to the handle or the back of the bag. To turn it into a backpack the bag side zippers are unzipped, the upper end of left handle is fastened to the front buckle (inserting the excess handle through the hole that...


Great capacity bag. It can be worn as a cross body bag, messenger or shoulder bag. The largest cone is the main body of the bag. Attached to the fourth bottom left of this cone, is a second smaller but wider based one that serves as an auxiliary pocket. A long zipper with two zipper pulls run through the two cones profiles to access both pockets. When...


Small but great capacity bag. The wide and short strip segment proportions make this a small but wide base bag. It has an outside pocket and one for the cell phone inside.


In this backpacks design, a strip of leather fragmented into pieces of identical size is folded and sewn around it. It has a pocket, bellow of main one,  in the back of the backpack. As a backpack, it can be worn with the handles crossed in front or the back of the body. If they are crossed frontally, the left handle can be released to bring it forward...


Different size two-quarter circles are joined to create this bag. The smaller quarter located at the top, can be folded forward to reduce its size. It has an outside pocket with a zipper in its back.


Prismatic shape bag-backpack. It has two outer pockets one in the front and the other at the back. The closure is located in the back. To carry it as bag, the handle is unfastened from one of the sides and is turned twice around the loop, to be fastened again to the buckle. To wear it as a satchel, the handle is pulled from the middle section, when it is...

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