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Great capacity bag. It can be worn as a cross body bag, messenger or shoulder bag. The largest cone is the main body of the bag. Attached to the fourth bottom left of this cone, is a second smaller but wider based one that serves as an auxiliary pocket. A long zipper with two zipper pulls run through the two cones profiles to access both pockets. When worn on the left side the zippers are always hidden below the arm.

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By doubling the top vertex backwards the bag can reduced to be worn on the shoulder. The handle, in this case, is unfastened from the pin located at the vertex, and fastened to the vertex pin of the minor cone, obtaining a shorter handle. The excess handle is inserted through the buttonhole just below the pin.

Year 2009.
Measures: 51x42x8cm.
Short handle bag 46cm. Cross body handle 56cm to 110cm.
Cow leather nappa type, soave or marco.

HistoryThe bag’s containing element becomes important again through the investigation of conical shapes. These, less flat or more volumetric adapt to the body in different ways. The bags in this collection can be worn as cross body bags, shoulder or handbags, changing in each case the configuration and style of the bag: dressier or more casual.
The collectionConos: this collection of bags is created from the manipulation of one or two cones. Mostly by joining them by their bases, which have been previously cut diagonally or modified in different ways.

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Great capacity backpack that turns into a cross body bag. It accesses the main bag with a zipper, and another outside auxiliary pocket, fastened to the handle or the back of the bag. To turn it into a backpack the bag side zippers are unzipped, the upper end of left handle is fastened to the front buckle (inserting the excess handle through the hole that...


Small but great capacity bag. The wide and short strip segment proportions make this a small but wide base bag. It has an outside pocket and one for the cell phone inside.


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