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Möbius band transformed by a lengthwise cut. As a backpack it runs across the shoulders and back. When it passes under the armpits it widens the handles to form two triangles that hide side pockets; these are joined behind the back to then return to the main body and handles. The side pockets allow for a fast access since the zippers can be opened without removing the backpack. The zipper pulls are hidden under the armpits.

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The backpacks body is the main pocket with the access hidden on the back. To carry it as a bag it is folded lengthwise.

Year 1993/2002.
Main bag: 36x31cm.
Side pockets: 23x15cm.
Handles 30 a 50 cm.
Cow leather nappa type, karabut, soave or marco.

HistoryOne of the recurring themes of design, architecture and art throughout modern history has been, the Möbius band. In my case it allows me to make a “round” handbag, a bag that integrates all these elements in a single unit. Thus I returned to an old but timeless idea that served me for my final graduate fashion design project, and which is increasingly better adapted over time to the new needs.
The collectionBandas: the search for a unity in bag design, (body, handle and other elements become the same thing with a single gesture), has lead to developing a bag as a strip that hangs and wraps around the body at the same time as it serves as an object container. One of the most recurrent ideas in the design of these strips is the representation of geometric infinity: the Möbius band.

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Great capacity backpack that turns into a cross body bag. It accesses the main bag with a zipper, and another outside auxiliary pocket, fastened to the handle or the back of the bag. To turn it into a backpack the bag side zippers are unzipped, the upper end of left handle is fastened to the front buckle (inserting the excess handle through the hole that...


In this backpacks design, a strip of leather fragmented into pieces of identical size is folded and sewn around it. It has a pocket, bellow of main one,  in the back of the backpack. As a backpack, it can be worn with the handles crossed in front or the back of the body. If they are crossed frontally, the left handle can be released to bring it forward...


Prismatic shape bag-backpack. It has two outer pockets one in the front and the other at the back. The closure is located in the back. To carry it as bag, the handle is unfastened from one of the sides and is turned twice around the loop, to be fastened again to the buckle. To wear it as a satchel, the handle is pulled from the middle section, when it is...


Triangular base prism of irregular sides and whimsical curves; both sides overlap at their upper end, where the handle begins, to end in one of the bases vertexes. It is only is worn on the right. To wear it on the shoulder the handle is shortened and the bag fits under the arm.


The original fold of the sides of two conjoined hexagons shapes this particular tetrahedron backpack. It has a main back closure with a zipper and an inside auxiliary pocket hanging from a strip. As a shoulder bag it is worn on the right.