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Tall bag with a circular base, whose rising shape transforms it in a 3-point star, with 3 magnetic closures. Auxiliary inside pocket hung by a chain from the top view.


Tall elliptical base bag, which rises, rotates and bends along its central axis. The zipper runs across the bag up and down, following its rotation path.Due to its asymmetric geometry, it is placed differently on each side, backwards on the right side and forwards on left side. To open the bag it is brought forward with the zipper in horizontal, thus...


Flattened proportions bag resulting from joining two cones that were truncated at their bases. The top closure opens to give way to a fairly deep inside pocket.


The original fold of the sides of two conjoined hexagons shapes this particular tetrahedron backpack. It has a main back closure with a zipper and an inside auxiliary pocket hanging from a strip. As a shoulder bag it is worn on the right.?


Special versatility bag, it can be worn as a cross body bag for a casual style, or without a handle, held by the leather ring as a dressier clutch. Its undulating design is transformed into a different bag when folded in half. To wear it folded without a handle, this is removed by unfastening the pins and attaching the ring to the flap at the other end....


Tall bag whose base is a parallelogram with pairs of concave and convex sides. The sides of the bag are also composed of four rectangular concave and convex pairs of planes. These shut its closure overlapping together by means of a previous fold with two magnetic snaps. It has an inside hanging pocket.


Strange volume asymmetric bag, consisting of two equal and irregular ovals joined by facing different sides or the same one displaced, that adapts anatomically to the body. It is designed to fit on the right side backwards, leaving the zipper pull hidden just below the arm. The zippers curvilinear path enlarges its closure and allows easy visibility of...


Large interior capacity, small and alluring bag. It is built from an irregular oval piece that is repeated three times by facing the concavity of its sides. This volume recalls some inorganic elements of nature. The zippers curvilinear path allows for an easy access. It contains a pocket inside secured by a strip from the bags closure. It is placed behind...


Fun cross body bag, or comfortable shoulder bag, results from stylizing the "small ball" model. The lengthy curvilinear path of the zipper allows easy access to its interior. The zipper pull must always be downwards and forwards, (as a shoulder bag) and hidden under the arm (as a cross body bag). It also has an inside pocket hung from a strip.


Möbius band transformed by a lengthwise cut. As a backpack it runs across the shoulders and back. When it passes under the armpits it widens the handles to form two triangles that hide side pockets; these are joined behind the back to then return to the main body and handles. The side pockets allow for a fast access since the zippers can be opened without...


Folding Möbius band. A zipper runs along the edge of the band, dividing it in turn, into two sections that are two pockets. To make the bag smaller it is folded over its longest section turning it into three pockets. The handle swivel snap joins the middle square ring and the buckle is undone to also attach the other handle carrier that remains behind.


A band runs along the back, shoulders and waist creating gripping elements (handles), container elements (main body) and mixed elements (waist pockets) that hold the backpack as they share the weight and also serve as pockets. These pockets can be either tied at the waist (allowing access to frequently used objects) or tied behind the back. To carry it as...

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